RadeonHD Version 1.0 Released

Cardiff, 27th March 2014

Advanced Graphics driver for the AmigaOS 4

Following years of hard work and extensive testing by a dedicated team of AmigaONE X1000 beta testers the RadeonHD driver is officially no longer beta. The driver is used daily on many machines and has proven itself, so the beta label can be removed. It has reached version 1.0.

The main features of the RadeonHD driver includes:
● Drives a wide range of Radeon HD graphics cards from the Radeon X1300 through to the more powerful and advanced Radeon HD 7000 series
● Provides 2D graphics acceleration and including compositing for all supported graphics cards under AmigaOS 4.1
● Supports output via VGA, DVI & HDMI
● It's ready for 3D; the RadeonHD_RM.resource provides access to the GPU for 3D drivers
● Gives access to much higher graphics performance than before in comparison as demonstrated by AmiBoing in their benchmark tests.
● Supports all AmigaONE, AmigaOS next-generation machines and compatible models.

The RadeonHD driver was developed under contract by Hans de Ruiter and is exclusively licensed to A-EON Technology Ltd for AmigaOS.

For more information please visit the www.a-eon.com/radeonhd or our new AMIStore.


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